Variable Speed Drive Specialists

Our mission

Uncompromising and relentlessly, we pursue goals of excellence through all the stages necessary for achieving your projects with variable frequency drives at low and medium voltage.

Our personalized service and unequaled technical competence allow us to offer solutions developed in collaboration with our customers and adapted to the project needs in the HVAC and industrial sectors.

Our vision

The semtec services team plays an active role in sustainable development in helping our customers to reduce their energy footprint while pursuing their financial objectives.

Our solutions improve the performance of buildings and processes in regards to:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Equipment useful life
  • Costs of operation

Our team

Experts in speed drives (vfd)

Experts in building automation

Experts in power quality

Experts in communication protocols (bacnet ip and mstp, fln,  modbus, ethernet ip, etc.)

Technicians in industrial electronics

Applications and design engineers

Local technical support

Mobile service units